Garlic is a stubborn enemy of coronavirus, scientists claim something like this

Garlic is a stubborn enemy of coronavirus, scientists claim something like this

The garlic used in our kitchen for thousands of years is full of Ayurvedic qualities. Traditional medical practice has also been found to be useful in common cold-fever and infections. Now, according to a new study report, 99.4% of the oily element in garlic may be helpful in fighting corona virus.

Scientists in Vietnam have claimed the effect of ACE-2, a protein that helps the virus penetrate the human body, which is readily available in the market, in garlic. ACE-2 helps Covid's virus enter the body. If we succeed in stopping the protein, we will be able to stop the corona virus from moving forward.

Studies on Infection According to the present study, the organosulfur element in garlic contains anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-cancer and anti-microbial element. If the coronavirus infection spreads, a team of 16 scientists from Hue University tried to find out the effect of this element's virus on infection.

In the human body, the angiotensin-converting enzyme-2 is linked to glycoproteins of the organs that make up the organs, lungs, heart, etc. ACE-2 receptors are a type of enzyme that binds to the cells of the human body's heart, lungs, intestines. This receptor is functional and effective for corona virus causing severe respiratory syndrome. This is the first stage of the virus's entry into the human body. ACE-2 protein is required to prevent corona virus.

These ACE-2 proteins thus have a host-cell receptor that is found in new coronary viruses. This is because the corona virus that binds to this receptor binds strongly to ACE-2. According to researchers at Canada-based British Columbia University, the protein ACE-2, which is located on the cell membrane, is at the center of this epidemic. Because the glycoprotein of this corona virus is the main receptor for growth. Earlier, researchers from the University of Toronto and the Austria-based Institute of Molecular Biology also acknowledged that ACE-2SAR is the main catalyst for the transition to the human body.


17 out of 18 ingredients in garlic are useful. Scientists bought garlic from the market and heated it and separated the oil ingredients. Assessed the ability of these elements to inhibit ACE-2, which found that this element was successful in inhibiting it. 18 such ingredients have been identified in garlic, 17 of which proved useful. The amount of these original oils is 99.4 percent. Scientists believe that the host's receptor will not survive the spread of the virus.

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